How To Install A Satellite Dish

A satellite dish install is not always for the do-it yourselfer, some should consider a professional installer. Many satellite retailers offer a free installation with a new subscription. For those who choose to install the satellite dish themselves, here are a few useful tips.

Some tools to consider before getting started: satellite signal finder, complete satellite system, coax cable, 7/16? wrench, nut driver bit, zip ties or black tape, staples or screw clips, post level, lag bolts and small compass.

Begin by locating a suitable place for installing the satellite dish. The install location should have a clear line of site and be able face the direction as determined by your zip code. Line of sight is crucial, any interference will hinder signal strength. Another important task is to bolt the mast firmly and ensure it is plumb in all directions. Depending on the location of the satellite dish, you may use the provided foot / mast assembly. Many installers prefer a satellite tripod or other alternatives, depending on the situation.

The next step is to secure the satellite dish placed on the mast, but do not tighten the bolts. Pull the coax cable through the satellite dish arm and then properly connect the coax cable. Then be sure to secure the LNBF to the satellite dish. Do not over torque the bolts. Now review the satellite system’s manual for guidance on the correct elevation and skew of the dish. The user manual should provide detailed measurements based on your zip code. Most satellite dishes include tick marks to accurately set the measurements.

Connect the coax cable to the satellite signal finder and also consider using the television for signal confirmation. Once you set the satellite dish to the measurements outlined in the user manual and then check the satellite signal finder until the signal is located. Make horizontal / vertical adjustments to the reflector as needed to peak the signal. After achieving an peaked satellite signal, secure the bolts on the satellite dish.

Make the coax cable connection from the satellite dish to the receiver. Finally, perform the final test by connecting the receiver to your television. There may be a few confirmation steps to follow on-screen to complete the satellite dish installation. Once that is complete, you are ready to watch your favorite show.